Ryan Hollinrake

Ryan Hollinrake

Executive Director Good Foot Delivery

Ryan joined the team at Good Foot in late 2016, after 10 plus years in the international development sector. Ryan's passion for human rights and the fair an equitable treatment of women extended his time in the sector. The majority of that time Ryan developed and managed strategic programs, campaigns, partnerships and events for Oxfam Canada. When Ryan left his career with the Hudson Bay company, he had only intended on working in the charitable sector for 1-3 years but very quickly realised this is where he needed to grow.

Ryan's passion and desire to make a positive impact on society and ensure every individual is given the opportunity to grow and succeed stems from his personal believes and are driven by the impacts on his own life.

Outside of Good Foot, Ryan and his family advocate for SickKids hospital and the continued growth of their programs. Ryan has a seven-year-old son with his partner of 11 years – Sandy.

Ryan brings the same level of passion to Good Foot, after 2 short years he has grown the team from 26 to 45, increased delivery revenues by 48%, increased donations by 48% and has extremely ambitious plans for the future.