Bulletin No. 7 - Commercials Produced For U.S. Use Only

Clarification to Bulletin #6 issued September 19, 2014

ACTRA – ICA/ACA Bulletin
National Commercial Agreement 2014-2017
Article 2404 Commercials Produced for U.S. Use Only

Further to the joint bulletin issued on September 19, 2014 and during the recent "transition period", the Parties conducted an analysis on the impact of the integration of SAG-AFTRA Holding Fees to the National Commercial Agreement (NCA), Article 2404 Commercials Produced For U.S. Use Only.

As a consequence of the findings, the Parties have agreed to the following, effective October 23, 2014:

  • withdraw the SAG-AFTRA Holding Fees provision. Instead, ACTRA Dormancy Fees will remain in effect, in accordance with Article 1813;
  • ACTRA Maximum Period of Use and Reuse of Commercials, Article 1814 remains in effect;
  • withdraw the New Media Move-Over Prepayment Option. Instead, SAG-AFTRA Move-Over Internet and Move-Over New Media provisions will apply

Should you have any questions regarding this Bulletin, do not hesitate to contact your local ACTRA office, or contact Winnie Alford, Advisor of Talent Issues, ICA/ACA.


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