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Who ICA is and What It Can Do For You

Founded in 1905, ICA represents agencies of all sizes from coast-to-coast. ICA's full-time staff, many of whom are former senior industry leaders, provide a full range of services to help make running an agency as hassle-free as possible.

Because this business has a lot of tough questions, ICA responds to you the way your agency responds to its clients. ICA takes your calls, answer your questions and if it can't find the answer, there probably isn't one.

ICA provides so many services and kinds of information that ICA felt it was time to put together the key benefits of membership as well as opportunities missed by non-members. If you require any additional information, call 1-800-567-7422, or email by clicking below:

General inquiries: gflores@icacanada.ca

Education inquiries: gconsul@icacanada.ca

Information Services inquiries: jmcquillan@icacanada.ca

Membership inquiries: ncorcoran@icacanada.ca