FutureFlash 2017 - Keeping Advertising Human

May 17-18, 2017

As technology becomes an increasingly integral part of the marketing world — via artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithmic creativity, programmatic media buying and more — where does that leave the human role? Should the machines take control of communications, or should marketers double down on the human element, striving to engage with real people in real ways? FutureFlash 2017 will explore whether advertisers should inject humanity into even the most high-tech interactions, creating warm connections at massive scale.

A selection of 150 fellow ICA members and client leaders will be in attendance. Take this opportunity to connect with your peers in beautiful Muskoka (approx 2 hours outside of Toronto).

Tickets are limited to 150 attendees who belong to ICA member agencies and their client partners.

Tickets include lunch, cocktails, dinner and hotel accommodations on May 17th,
as well as breakfast and lunch on May 18th. 

Confirmed Speakers are:

  • James Cooper, Head of Creative, Betaworks - Branded Access Memories
  • Alex Tanguay, Global Brand Director, Spotify - How Consumer Data Becomes Insightful Storytelling
  • Marc Landsberg, Founder & CEO, SOCIALDEVIANT - It’s The Consumer, Stupid
  • Jessica Lauretti, Head of Creative & Content, RYOT Studio at Huffington Post - Finding The Human Approach
  • Gabi Zijderveld, CMO, Affectiva - Why AI needs Emotion
  • John R. Smith, Lead Researcher, IBM Watson - Can AI be creative?
  • Lucas Ives, Head of Conversation Engineering, ToyTalk/PullString - The Character Imperative in Computer Conversation
  • George Emerson, Head of Agency Relations, LinkedIn - Social Media or Social Mayhem?
  • Chris Barth, Senior Strategist, Contagious - Keeping Advertising Human

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