The CASSIES Awards Announces Jury and Benchmarking Panel

The CASSIES Awards has announced that Ricardo Martin, VP Marketing at Unilever, and François Lacoursière, EVP at Sid Lee, will co-chair a jury composed of 15 advertisers, agencies, media, and digital leaders from across the Canadian communications industry to judge the 2017 competition. A full listing of the jury members can be found here: http://cassies.ca/About/Judges

In addition, the CASSIES awards has also announced its Benchmarking Panel. Members of the Benchmarking panel are senior industry professionals from Agency, Client, Research and Academia backgrounds, have been past CASSIES Final judges, and have a vast amount of experience in evaluating business cases. Many are also regular judges at Effies and Cannes, and a full Panel listing can be found here: http://cassies.ca/About/Benchmarkers

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