If Sex Sells, Humour Sells Way More

Canadians have called it – humour trumps sex, and by a surprisingly wide margin. A full 67 per cent of Canadians say humour is the secret ingredient that makes an advertisement most persuasive, compared to only seven per cent who feel that ultimately, sex sells. Moreover, 65 per cent of Canadians believe this country should veer away from European-style commercials that are considered risqué. This is according to the latest research conducted by the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) and Leger Marketing in a revealing survey released for Canada’s upcoming, inaugural Advertising Week (January 26-30, 2009).

Inspired by the blogosphere, this survey, entitled the Adosphere Report, asked Canadians to have their say in advertising. The findings reveal a lot about who Canadians are and how they see themselves.

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