ICA launches full complement of agency search tools to raise industry standard

The ICA announces the launch of a new website and database for advertisers to access agency search information (www.agencysearch.ca). The tools build on the experience the ICA has gained conducting searches over the past 10 years - more than 100 to date, & counselling hundreds more - and streamlines the process so that an agency and client will find the best match by following the ICA’s best practices. A working committee of ICA members led by Jim Kabrajee of Marshall Fenn Communications, and including Penny Stevens of Media Experts, and Monica Ruffo of Lowe Roche worked to make it the go-to resource for advertisers seeking marketing communication services.

The website was developed by Geek Oracle. The video and testimonials were created by Lowe Roche. The SEO/SEM were developed by Media Experts.

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