The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Canadians want it all, eh?

According to a new national study entitled The AdFX Report, commissioned by the CASSIES, a full 78 per cent of Canadians say they want the future of advertising to be completely transparent, where companies share everything, “warts and all.”

The survey, conducted on the Angus Reid Forum, revealed that the secret to sales success may be candidness. The AdFX Report found more than six in ten Canadians (63 per cent) say brands with candor ultimately win their loyalty.

“We are entering a communications era where consumers are developing a vested interest in their favourite brands’ activities,” said Jani Yates, president, Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA), presenter of the CASSIES, Canada’s only industry awards recognizing business effectiveness based on rigorous published cases. “Today the consumer-brand relationship is developing a dynamic of give and take.”

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