Ipsos Reid unveils second annual Most Influential Brands Study at ICA’s FFWD 2013

The ICA and Ipsos Reid are proud to announce the results of the second annual Most Influential Brands Study, which unveiled and ranked the most influential brands in Canada at the ICA’s fifth annual FFWD Advertising and Marketing Week. This year the expanded initiative also included, for the first time, The Most Influential Brand in the World.

In the top ten, Google is followed by Microsoft (down from the #1 spot last year), Apple (+1), Facebook (+3), Walmart (no change), Visa (+2), YouTube (+2), Tim Hortons (+7), AirMiles (+2) and CBC (- 4). While they didn’t make it into the top ten, two brands garnered recognition as making the most gains in influence this year. Samsung jumped 29 spots from #47 to #18 and BMO jumped 50 spots from #94 to #44, both notable achievements.

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